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Our available positions

  • Project Manager
    The project managers are in charge of the daily management of the projects within Directique. Dedicated to a client project, they assure themselves control of the projects from an operational standpoint. Their mission notably undertakes the structure building of the upstream missions (planning, selection of the measure teams, allocation of the tasks, definition of the protocols, etc.), followed by operational duties and the accompaniment of measuring technicians. They are the client’s main contact and assume the global responsibility of the project’s success of the project of which they are in charge.
  • Head of Research
    The head of research assures the specification of the measures to put into action to reply to the question put by the client, then analyzes them. They intervene in upstream, with the project managers, in the preparation for the responses offered of our client calls and in the definition methodologies to set up. In course of gathering the information, they assure our own quality circle, validating the collected data and seeing that it conforms and is representative of the needs. Downstream studies equally take in the synthesis load the of the collected data and elaborated on the reports recommended back to the clients.
  • Measurement Technicians
    The Measurement Technicians are at the heart of the activity at Directique, assuring our clients measurement accounts on the ground. Recruited with or no experience, on personal qualities of autonomy, of engagement, eagerness and of craving to progress, they are formed into an ever evolving manner on the methods of measure and tools of Directique. The technicians are notably in charge of the technical measures in the field according to the calendar schedule and protocol define by the client, management of the logistics and measures (request of configuration of equipment), followed by the work unities and post-treatment one data collected.
  • Software developer
    Integrated into the research & development team, the software developers are in charge of the creation of the Directique’s tools to improve the quality of the measures carried out and to enrich the data furnished to our clients. This post offers a global vision of the projects, after the analyzing the needs and after compiling the operating specifications in realization to the tools, their interface, the usage guidelines and technical support with respect to the internal users of the company. The tools at Directique are developed according to the available needs of the cases on fixed sets up or mobile terminals.

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