Quality as per Client Vision:
Coherence factor of Quality Circles

For Directique: First, from the point of view of the consumer.

To envision quality of service as much as the client quality experience, this “point of view” represents the principal guarantee for each company to control their own quality, and to assure an optimum return for their efforts in complying “to produce” this quality.

The Quality Circle

A simple principle

  • To define a standard of quality
  • To measure quality with regards to this standard
  • To analyze the “non-qualities” (gaps within this standard)
  • To Correct
  • To come back to the defined standard (to challenge it) and restart it


Two conceptions
often difficult to bring to terms

  • From a Technical point of view: The service is composed of many building blocks, each being the object of an autonomous quality circle. How to speak of “one” quality?
  • From a Marketing point of view: The principal analysis, and the essential one, concerns the satisfaction of the client. More profoundly, it allows to identify the important components of the “quality of service”. But how to analyze “the” quality rather than its derivatives?

Client’s Vision

Only a quality circle ”as per the client’s vision”
would allow these conceptions to come together

  • Within a ”client’s vision”, the only underlying quality is, that of “from end-to-end”. There is only one single quality circle possible
  • The definition of a client’s vision( perspective) of this standard of quality is a unique opportunity to put into review the technical and satisfaction standards
  • The non-qualities (standard gaps–measures) detected must drive into question the technical quality circles. “Technical” measures synchronized to the client’s visional measures are more effective means to assure this liaison
  • The “qualities” (in accordance to the standards – measures) detected must face up to meet the standards satisfaction in order to validate its relevance