Directique develops and commands the tools as well as the operational concepts necessary to manage your quality of service, …carrying our this quality as per the client’s vision

  • Providing advise on how to organize your circles of quality as much as on managing its content and their interrelation with each other
  • Calculated measures within a customer’s vision and/or technical vision
  • Complete launching studies, in established systems, within “benchmark” vision, …

The Quality of the Client Experience: a quality of service that concerns all businesses

  • A service providing business is used to working its quality of service, and its client’s vision allows it to facilitate a more efficient dialogue between the marketing teams and technical teams that “produce” the services.
  • Yet all businesses, whether they are in the market to produce products or service providing, generate services back to their clients throughout all levels of contact (information, purchases, warranty, post sale follow-up, customer service., etc, etc., …). This quality “via a client’s journey” is a quality of service at least as important for the performance of the business as that of the quality of the service being “sold”. It too must be studied in respect to the client’s vision for an optimum performance.