Customer Quality Perspectives

Founded in 1982 as corporation of studies and quality consulting in the domain of the telecommunications, today Directique accompanies its clients in their battle for quality improvement. With over 100 collaborators strong, the corporation proposes to integrate a unique process within their technical measures, with their client vision measures in and with their problem correction process.

Since 1992

Directique, on the course over last 20 years, set itself as a major and independent player of telecommunications networks quality:

  • A recognizable expertise on the measures quality of service (QoS) as seen by the client from one end to the other (measures, sampling, analysis, recommendations)
  • A diversified clientele of regulating, operators, equipment providers and big account users
  • The creation of telecom software quality methods employed in France and used by regulation authorities throughout the entire world
  • A wide range of measuring systems developed internally (tracking tools, scanners, robot measures, etc.) allowing for improved productivity and the quality of measures, with no cost for external licenses
  • By focusing on telecommunications measurements, important R&D (Research Development) investments and a highly qualified technical team, Directique is recognized in France, since the beginnings of the GSM ((Global System for Mobile), as the specialist of telecommunications networks in quality measures.

Since 2007

Directique has developed new activities:

  • The quality of measures expertise from the client’s point of view, allows Directique today to intervene more widely in the improvement of the client experience: Directique replies here to the need of a wide number of concerned clients to improve their quality process outside of the historic trade of telecommunications:
    • Service businesses:
      Quality of service: Television, networks,…
    • All industries:
      Qualité du Parcours Client: Long-distance sale services, networks of physical distribution, etc.
  • Since 2007, Directique has equally developed their international presence with a wider clientele of regulators and operators in Africa and the Middle East.