Services Offered

The Directique’s offer, at the heart of its trade of quality study in vision customer, lowers itself on the two principal axes.

Quality studies via client vision

For more than 15 years, Directique intervenes in the telecommunications sector dealing with problematic quality of service issues. Directique uniformly advises and consults with regulation authorities, and is at the forefront now a days of with the majority of the methodologies of quality measures implemented in the telecommunications sector for client vision in France. It is thanks to this know-how, that for several years now, Directique accompanies other businesses in delivering services on their quality studies of customer vision.

Quality studies of Client Experiences

Because for any business, whether it markets a physical product or an intangible service, the interactions more frequented with its customers are the ones that precede and accompany the usage of the product sold: the shop that welcomes, the quality of the merchant site, their coherence in multi-channel distribution, the invoicing, the guarantee, the Post Sale Services –generally speaking the interactions with the service customers or consumers,…