Services Offered

Within these benefits of quality study of the client vision,
Directique has developed practices and tools
that constitute elements to offer in its entirety.

Telecom Tests and Measures

In telecommunications, Directique very often associates its client vision measures by technical measures means, granting easily more of the “non-qualities” that are generally raised in the client vision Network.
For the players in telecommunications, the Operators, Equipment managers and integrator sectors, that have need of it, Directique offers these benefits through an independent manner …


The control of its quality circle is for the business one of the major levers to always keep under quality check when delivering to its client base, as well as controlling their quality cost.
Directique’s study of quality practices, its systematic work before any measure on the quality standard, its justifications and its adjustments, …

Studies for the Telecom Users

Choosing the Operator that will keep one afloat, that will analyze the quality of the future headquarters building, and have access to factual elements to ask their operators to remedy the non-qualities detected, or more simply to inform the public of relative different networks performances,… Directique puts its knowledge at your service under all these circumstances…