Directique’s key developmental stages


Advices in the usage of telecommunications means

Consulted in the usage of telecommunications means initially turning towards consulting businesses on an optimum usage of the new means of telecommunications (data communications and data processing). Directique quickly specialized itself on the problematic qualities, for the telephone operators notably (covering audits, quality of service as seen by the clients, collection procedures of in the field data, validation of the equipments and services, etc.).


Expertise development on
over fix and mobile networks

Directique has put its expertise in quality measures to the service of the principal players in the sector of telecommunications (SFR, ART/ARCEP, Itinéris/Orange, Bouygues Telecom, Nokia, Alcatel, etc.). In parallel, Directique has invested in R&D in order to develop reference tools such as MobiTrace, MobiWeb and TéléTest. It is equally during this period that Directique started its international development (Africa and the Middle East).

Since 2007

Optimization of the quality process : CUSTOMER QUALITY PERSPECTIVES

Aside of its experience in the telecommunications quality sector, Directique has put henceforth its expertise on the services of other activity sectors. The quality of the client experience, in particular, becomes a key expertise of Directique en route to all businesses (television, distribution, banking-insurance, etc.). Directique develops tools equally to the general public of debit measures and of telecommunications networks quality.