Case Studies

Here are some real cases of given answers to questions asked by our clients about Quality

Quality of Service

Voice and data quality of service
for a mobile communication operator

A telecommunications operator during the course of the entire year wants to measure their voice and data, in client vision, according to the criteria of the regulation authorities and in line with the technical quality informers and benchmarks comparison with its competitors.

Comparative study for a big accounts,
mobile operator clients

A big account user wants to realize an audit on their mobile quality coverage from their headquarters to improve the user experience of their followers.

Crowd sourcing data analysis
quality of service

A telecommunications market player who wishes to know the mobile data quality of service compatibility of the different operators in the entire French territory.

Client journey

Control of the sale process put in place
before the initial launch

An internet supplier has developed a new range of ADSL. Before the official launch to the general public, one wishes to verify the accordance of offers, products and logistical chain of command to identify and to correct the defects and to avoid the dissatisfaction of its first customers.

Adaptation Benchmark from offers
coming of regulatory changes

Facing regulatory developments being able to generate contract terminations, a Directique client hopes to manage a day to day comparison from the commercial rhetoric of different competitors.

Check the benefits
of a subcontractor

A pay TV operator intends to test the installation of a satellite dish experienced by its clients. The objective of the audit is to check that the client’s journey complies with the specifications and to survey user’s feedbacks in order to improve the journey.