Quality of Client Experience

The client journey studied from end-to-end

Some companies sell products and other sell services. All, go beyond what they sell, “offering” to their clients attached services. These services apply to all acts of the client’s journey, from the instant they become a client, until they no longer have the use of what they bought:

  • Purchase act
  • Billing
  • Warranty
  • Customer service
  • Customization
  • etc.

These “client service journeys” are what causes the most points of contact between the company and its clients, and have the greatest but least mastered impact on their satisfaction.

Directique puts itself totally in place of your clients, to measure the quality experience lived beyond the theoretically processes already in place. Our teams also represent the ensemble of the client’s journey, from the initial order to the daily experience service – going through the delivery, the payment, the interaction with the client service according to defined scenarios, etc.

All these lived experiences allow for increase of information,
critical and informed, throughout the entirety of the journey.

They are particularly useful:

  • To decide corrective actions between the customer service, the direction in charge of the interface with the clients (physical network, website, telephone platform, etc.) and the technical constraints
  • To validate and to amend the quality of standard in question: pertinent informers and target levels