Business skills

As per Client Vision:
Quality of service studies, measures and consulting

Native from the Telecom domain, Directique has grown its skills
on three complementary axes :
  • Quality of Service, through Technical Vision for Telecom actors
  • Quality of Service, through Client’s Vision for all Service activities
  • Quality of Client Experience for Services and Distribution


Quality as per client vision:
Coherence factor of Quality Circles

First, from the point of view of the consumer.
For Directique, to envision quality of service as much as the client quality experience, constitutes the principal guarantee for each business to control their own quality, and to reassure an optimal return for their efforts to “produce” this quality.

Quality Process

Directique sets forth, from the habits of your clients, to help you attain your quality objectives and help you optimize the balance between client satisfaction and production costs.
From on the ground measures to the consulting level…


Directique counts on two centers of expertise:
Quality of Service: Join in the improvement circle of the quality processes
Quality of client experience: Being aware about the quality of experience and improve it to build client loyalty


Directique developed a complete methodology to approach the problems of its clients. According their particular cases, Directique furnishes all or part of the value tied to the line of work from quality studies regarding the client vision:
  • Methodologies
  • Project Management
    Process Management
  • Tools
  • Data collecting
  • Portal and Studies