Quality Process

Quality and Satisfaction

Directique intervenes at all three levels to accompany its clients, to discern and integrate the link between the quality of service produced and the client’s satisfaction :
  • Managing studies of satisfaction
  • Establishing and following focus groups
  • Consulting

QoS via client vision

The studies of satisfaction and the client’s study habits help to better define ad hoc studies on the service quality via client vision, and define tests to carry out.
Directique takes into account the maturity of the services in its life cycle and the impact on cost.
In practice, the studies are carried out with the client’s pure vision or combined with the technical studies.
Several methods of collecting data can be implemented to measure the quality of service via the client’s vision, according to the need and according to the resources allocated to the study :
  • Ad-hoc measuring campaigns
  • Measures carried out
  • Focus Groups
  • Crowd sourcing