Quality Process

Realize quality measures

Directique takes charge of the entire body of quality measures, together with the client’s vision as well as from a technical standpoint, the objective is to synchronize the data to optimize the interpretation of the results and to identify useful corrective actions for the technical teams. These measures understandably are :
  • Validation of new service (accordance checks)
  • Non-regression
  • Benchmark
  • Drive tests
  • Inter-workings
  • Mystery tests
  • Etc.

Deliver results

Directique adapts itself to the needs of its clients even in the form of the delivered result :
  • Crude and post-treated results over a client’s dedicated portal
  • Analyzed and synthesized results : study reports, presentations and synthesis documents

Consultation – Quality Circle

Thanks to its expertise, Directique audits and helps the optimization of the entire quality process for its clients :
  • Scores of teams over the tasks at hand adding value to the client
  • Side by side technical and marketing teams for a more global efficiency
  • Quality at a better cost, notably followed by the adjustment of the measures rhythms